Student Paper Prize

Student members of CSANA who deliver papers at the annual meeting may submit those papers for consideration for the CSANA Student Paper Prize. The prize winner will receive a check for $100 US plus an additional free year of membership in CSANA, including a one-year subscription to the North American Journal of Celtic Studies.

Papers are judged both on content and on presentation. A copy of the paper as read must be submitted in electronic form (either as a Microsoft Word file or as a PDF) to CSANA President Michael Meckler (e-mail: by 15 May 2017. It is not necessary to submit either handouts or printouts of PowerPoint presentations, but their use during the delivery of the paper may be evaluated as part of the presentation.

The winner will be notified by 9 June 2017.

If you have any questions about the CSANA Student Paper Prize, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Meckler either in person during the conference, or via e-mail.